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After an illustrious college football career which had him named as one of the most complete running back prospects in the United States, Saquon Barkley got drafted by the New Giants as the 2nd overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.

The talented running back recorded a 5,557 net yardage during his 3-year stint at the Pennsylvania State University. We get to uncover every other interesting detail about this budding NFL star; from his biography to his family roots as well as his relationship, everything is covered.

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Widely rated as one of the most beautiful faces in the music industry, Zhavia, born Carisa Zhavia Ward, has won many hearts with her beauty, brain, voice, and talent. We are not surprised she is already gaining grounds in the music scene – many thanks to her musical family background.

As young as Zhavia is, she has already absorbed the attention of both local and international audiences mainly for her hit jams and collaborations with music powerhouses such as Ireland Boys)

Speaking of her educational achievements, it is believed that she is still in school, though details about the name and exact location of her school are yet to be publicized. Also, the names of the institutions she had her early education are not available online but they must be within her locality.

The reality music star belongs to the white ethnicity while her nationality is American. She was born in Los Angeles, a city in California, United States of America.

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Élodie Yung is a talented American actress who played the kick-ass character Elektra Natchios in the Marvel Cinematic Series Daredevil and miniseries The Defenders where she portrayed the same role. By doing so, she became the first non-American actress to ever portray the role.

The Parisian actress rode into the spotlight of Hollywood on board French TV series and film projects such as La vie devant nous, Les fils du vent, Mademoiselle Joubert, Les Bleus, and many others.

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Kelsey Impicciche is a multi-talented online personality famed for her creative contents on platforms such as Twitch, Buzzfeed, and YouTube. In addition to this, she makes extra cash as a producer, on-screen actress, cosplayer, and podcast speaker. Impicciche is literally a busy girl; whenever she is not streaming on Twitch, she takes time to produce and edit her YouTube videos and also create contents for Buzzfeed.

Ever since Kelsey burst into mainstream success, she has continued to grow her craft from one level of success to another. Although she has taken part in numerous projects in the entertainment industry, some of her notable works include the BuzzFeed show “Single Girl Tries The 100 Baby Challenge”, The Changing Room (2014), The Suicide Note (Television Movie), The Evolving Room, Love Exclusively (2017), The Dominance, and The Mastery (2013).

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The media loves celebrity relationships, especially those longterm, on-and-off ones; it’s simply just cute to see our favorite stars in love so much with someone that they keep going back to them. One celebrity relationship that fans seem to be seriously rooting for is that between former One Direction star, Louise Tomlinson, and his model girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

Since the start of their relationship in 2011, the couple has gone through a couple of setbacks, they even broke up but came back together after a while and have even stirred marriage rumors. Here is everything you need to know about the woman who has had Louis Tomlinson stuck on her.

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Tammy Townsend was born to entertain; she has been gracing our screens since the mid-1980s and so far, she’s performed well above average. Fans of the NBC sitcom Days of Our Lives would definitely remember her for her unforgettable role as a single mother, Wendy Reardon. In recent years, she is more popular for portraying the character of Kira Cooper, the mother of K.C. Cooper – the lead role played by the beloved Zendaya in the Disney Channel series, K.C. Undercover. Follow through her career progression over the years as you also discover some facts about her personal life.

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Slender, beautiful, blonde, and German – there’s a huge chunk of fashion lovers who believe these are the perfect attributes for conquering the world of fashion. German model Maya Stepper joins the ranks of successful runway ladies to have come from the European country and found massive success.

Over the course of her career, the model has collaborated with big clothing brands, and fashion publications, building an enviable portfolio in the process. Her fans especially love her for her ability to pull off a variety of looks and look good in every single one. On her Instagram, she has uploaded a variety of looks from racy lingerie shots to laid back no make-up selfies. Here’s everything we know about Maya.

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